Meet the Owner and Designer...

Hello!  I'm Gretchen Weaver.  

The owner and designer of all MargoSanna Handbags, and other leather goods.

I design and create each and every handbag and accessory myself, resulting in a unique one-of-a-kind artisan product for you, and your individual style.  I use notes, not patterns in my workshop.  Each handmade leather bag is created one at a time, and original...just like all of us.

I have always had a passion to create in all areas of my life.  Leather handbag creations are my true hearts delight!  My style spans from the feminine to the rustic, and the vintage inspired...creating handbags for any, and all occasions.

The more unique, the more 'one of a kind', the more I love them.

To me a handbag is an intergral part of any wardrobe...More than just a sack to carry essentials.  In my opinion, it is part of your individual fashion statement... the finishing touch to your outfit... a way to express yourself, your style.  

"MargoSanna" which means Gretchen, is owned and operated in Bend, Oregon.  I have a small retail space within my studio that is always open to browse, where there is more inventory that is not currently on the website, so if you are in the area, come on by!

All MargoSanna creations have a small brass bird logo on the handmade leather label.  It has a symbolic meaning... it represents me, and how I decided to fly with my dreams.

My desire is that MargoSanna Handbags are something you can be proud to own, something to make you feel unique!  

My wish for my customers... make everyday a beautiful presentation of you! ...right down to your handbag!

With love,